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For the past 29 years, The Ding King Training Institute has been teaching Paintless Dent Repair and is proud to bring you all of the educational features of our hands-on program into a blended learning online platform. Our online courses are a great launchpad for you to start building your skillsets. 

There is no substitute for over-the-shoulder hands-on training! 

Our hands-on part of the program will not only enhance your speed, but have you repairing larger dents to an extremely high quality standard.

The Ding King’s State Licensed Paintless Dent Repair Courses are Now Offered Online!

Attend The Ding King PDR School for advanced training & certification to advance your skills after completing the online portion of the class!

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Each Module of Our Online Paintless Dent Repair Course is
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We also have available a specially priced Pro Deluxe PDR Tool Package inclusive of Accessories, Glue Pulling Kit, LED Dent Light, Hood Stand and Training Manuals to accompany your online PDR training.

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Our Online PDR Training Class, includes instant online access to all 10 training modules, PDR Training Manual, Skill Assessment Quizzes and Certification upon successful completion of the PDR Training Course. 

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Online PDR Training

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Online PDR Training
Module A

Introduction to
Paintless Dent Repair

PDR is the process of removing door dings, hail and other dents from a vehicle without sanding, filling or painting. In this module, you'll learn what's needed to prepare for basic dent repair.

Online PDR Training
Module B

Demonstrations of
Lights and Reflections

Every PDR process incorporates the use of a dent light, either a 12v LED, battery powered portable version, traditional boom stand light or reflector board.

Module C

Using the Dent Light and Learning
to Find Your Tool Tip

In this module, you’ll practice using the dent light and learn to find your tool tip in various-sized circles by demonstrating your abilities in different lesson plans.

Online PDR Training
Module D

Removing High Spots
(Tapping Down)

High spots are the result of exerting upward pressure from the bottom side in the metal. You'll learn all the proper techniques to avoid this and how to correct them when they occur.

Online PDR Training
Module E

How to Read and Address a Dent
to Remove in an Open Area

In this module, we’re going to explore reading and removing dents in an open, unbraced areas of the panel. This will cover various access points for all vehicles.

Online PDR Training
Module F

How to Remove a Dent
in a Braced Area

In this module you’ll practice removing dents in braced areas. This will involve using hand tools and whale tails to access tight braces and hard to access damage.

Online PDR Training
Module G

Repairing All Types
of Dents

In this module, you’ll learn the techniques required to flawlessly repair door dings, hail damage, creases, pressure dents and larger dents commonly found on all types of vehicles.

Online PDR Training
Module H

How to Access A Vehicle -
All Access Points

Doors will be a dent technician’s most worked on panel. Before we begin working on the door, we are going to familiarize you with the normal braces, obstacles and overall access for the entire vehicle.

Online PDR Training
Module I

R & I - Remove & Install

In order to access and repair dents located in the trunk, the roof, the engine compartment and/or quarter panels and fenders, you'll need to learn basic R & I techniques to begin working on the damage.

Online PDR Training
Module J

Intro to Glue Pulling

Learn to select the right tab and type of glue for all sized dents. You'll learn how to use slide hammer and mini lifter for the repair of hail damage and big ugly dents.

Online PDR Training Available to Veterans Registered for Hands-on Training

Attention veterans!

Online PDR Training is Included at No Additional Cost with our Traditional Hands-on PDR Programs. Just Another Way To Assist Your During COVID-19.

Approved by the California State Approving Agency for Veterans Education to Accept Veteran Benefits


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Course Pricing


PDR 80

2 Week Hands-On Training

$ 10,000
  • 12v LED Dent Light
  • Accessory Package
  • Glue Pulling Kit
  • PDR Manual
  • Tools Sold Separately
  • PDR Certification
  • Includes PDR Online Training Access (FREE!)

  • Add-On Additional Training for Only $2,000 Per Week

PDR Online Training

Learn at Your Pace

$ 4,000
  • Free Hood Stand
    ($400 Value)
  • PDR Training Manual
  • Tools Sold Separately
  • Certificate of Completion

PDR Tool Package

With Glue Pullers

$ 2,000
  • 24pc. Pro Deluxe Tool Set
  • 12v LED Dent Light
  • Accessory Package
  • Glue Pulling Kit
  • PDR Manual

Advanced Glue Pulling

Online Training

$ 1,000
  • 10 Modules
  • 6 Hours of In-Depth
    Video Lessons
  • Exclusive Tech Support
  • 20% Off Glue Pulling Kits
  • Get Ding King Certified

Hood Stand, Panel Lever, S-Hook, Bungee Cords, Microfiber Cloths, Polish Wax, China Marker, DK Shirt & Hat, PDR Handouts